⚠️Coming soon. Not yet released⚠️
xWILD is the multiplier booster token for ZooDex farms. It can also be used for unlocking premium features & having a government vote weight.
Holding xWILD in your wallet gives you an additional farming multiplier boost up to 15%!

How to get xWILD

To get xWILD you need to put your ZOO or WILD tokens behind a timelock. The bigger is the ZOO/WILD amount locked and the longer is the selected timelock period, the bigger is the boost you get from xWILD!


What is exciting is the fact that xWILD boost gets stacked with our Progressive farming system.
If you have an 80% increase from progressive farming you can boost it for up to additional 15% and they will both be applied to the harvest amount.
Let's say you have 10$ waiting to be harvested, and your progressive multiplier is the maximum 80%, and you also hold enough xWILD for the maximum 15% boost. The amount you will harvest is calculated this way:
10 * (180/100) * (115/100) = 20.7$
Which results in double the amount compared to normal rewards!

Other features

What makes this even more exciting is that you do not lose access to premium features and government vote weight—xWILD is treated the same as ZOO or WILD kept in your wallet.