ZOO is the native token of the Zoo Ecosystem. It serves as a governance token and has other use cases across our products, which you can find listed by clicking on link below:
Total Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 ZOO
Our token distribution is simple and transparent, as shown above. ZOO is not a reward token, thus, it cannot be earned by staking. The only way to get ZOO is to buy it for market price on any exchange that supports ERC-20 compatible tokens on Fantom. This helps to avoid inflation that comes with distributing tokens free of charge and makes the liquidity pool stronger over time due to protocol fees that are applied to the pool.
There is no possibility to mint new ZOO tokens, but there is an option to burn them (which is not currently in active use).
The developer fund can only be spent on community-approved needs that passed the governance vote.
The fees earned from our products are used to add liquidity to the ZOO-FTM pool on ZooDex to sustain long-term growth. Additionally, there are no contract-related fees (RFI / self-burning mechanics) associated with any transactions that involve ZOO -> you get the exact amount of what you should get, no slippage required.
Last modified 1yr ago