About ZooDex
ZooDex is a decentralized exchange operating on the Fantom network. Key features of ZooDex that separate it from other DEXes are:
  • Limit orders
  • Lightning-fast speed of UI
  • Trading/liquidity info is shown on UI and being updated in real-time
  • Embedded ZooCharts displays the price of a token in real-time
  • Improved pair choosing mechanism
  • Order book
  • Verification program: a unique possibility for launched tokens to earn investors' trust over time & more!

Fee distribution

Each executed trade on ZooDex is subject to a default protocol fee (0.3%) distributed in the following ratio:
  • 0.20% goes to liquidity providers
  • 0.10% goes to the ZOO-FTM liquidity pool: we periodically cash out fees we earned as an exchange & perform a market buy of ZOO to provide it as liquidity to sustain long-term growth of ZOO price
Simple as that, the more trades we have on our platform, the more the ZOO price will be backed by this mechanism.
Last modified 6mo ago
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