About ZooDex
ZooDex is a decentralized exchange operating on the Fantom network. Key features of ZooDex that separate it from other DEXes are:
  • Limit orders
  • Lightning-fast speed of UI
  • Trading/liquidity info is shown on UI and being updated in real-time
  • Embedded ZooCharts displays the price of a token in real-time
  • Improved pair choosing mechanism
  • Order book
  • Verification program: a unique possibility for launched tokens to earn investors' trust over time & more!

Fee distribution

Each executed trade on ZooDex is subject to a default protocol fee (0.3%) distributed in the following ratio:
  • 0.20% goes to liquidity providers
  • 0.10% goes to the ZOO-FTM liquidity pool: we periodically cash out fees we earned as an exchange & perform a market buy of ZOO to provide it as liquidity to sustain long-term growth of ZOO price
Simple as that, the more trades we have on our platform, the more the ZOO price will be backed by this mechanism.
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