These are the most default ERC-20 contracts you can find. Additional minting on ZOO is impossible, WILD is owned by MasterChef contract, which means the deployer of both these contracts cannot execute anything to manipulate the tokenomics, thus audit for these contract would be a waste of money.

ZooDex Core

As the core of ZooDex we are using UniswapV2 contracts in their default implementation.
Since the smart contract code is basically unchanged, we will not speculate on issuing another audit as it will be a complete waste of time & money. The factory and router code was already audited thousands of times & battle-tested for a long period of time.
You can find info regarding the original audit on Uniswap's website:


Internally we are using a mix of a standart uniswap router contract & our own code. The whole thing is coded in a way so you can never get less trading output than calculated by the formula:
DesiredOutput - (DesiredOutput * slippage / 100) = MinimumOutput Audit will be issued when product moves to Full-featured state along with limit orders.