ZooDex has its own liquidity incentive program—farms! You can stake your ZooDex LP tokens in a farm to earn rewards.
There are 2 types of farms:
  • Official: powered by ZooCoin team
  • Community: powered by 3rd party projects
Official farms are meant to offer low-mid APR, but has good liquidity depth while Community farms offer higher APR yet might have poor liquidity.
Official farms also have the unique Progressive farming feature & the xWILD multiplier.


We offer farming analytics for our users. You can open the Analytics tab & see how many USD you have deposited in the farms, how many you have withdrawn, and how many USD you earned from harvesting rewards.


Providing liquidity is often associated with impermanent loss & other risks, so farming using your life savings or the assets you cannot afford to lose is better avoided.
Moreover, the reward tokens of Community farms are not controlled by ZooCoin in any way, and though we require certain security conditions to be complied with, something might go wrong. Always do your own research before staking on any 3rd party farm.
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