Progressive farming

Our team introduced progressive farming for ZooDex—a special system that rewards the most dedicated farmers: the longer you keep LP tokens in the farm without removing them from the farm, the better the multiplier for your rewards will be.
For example, if you farm for a month without withdrawing, your each harvest will get 104% of standard rewards, and the maximum possible increase is 180%, which is given for a year of continuous farming. Trust us when we say the rewards are going to be WILD!

Progressive rewards

% of rewards
0 days
1 day
3 days
7 days
15 days
31 days
93 days
180 days
365 days
To track your current multiplier we show the amount below APR & also the Next increase along with the timer until the next progressive multiplier level.

Keep the momentum going

It is important to highlight that once you deposit LP tokens in the farm, your multiplier momentum starts building from this point.
When you decide to withdraw your LP tokens from the farm, timer resets & you need to start building momentum again. Timer is unique per each farm & not affected by additional deposits of your LP tokens to the farm.
Harvest does not reset the multiplier momentum timer, so you can autocompound your progressive farming!

Other multipliers

There are even more multiplier possibilities! Read about xWILD to know how you can make your farming experience even more profitable: