Why do I provide liquidity to ZooDex?

ZooDex aims to be the most attractive platform for new tokens to do initial launch on.
Imagine the situation: you created a new token on Fantom and want people to trade it. You can consider ZooDex as a place to put initial liquidity in. Why would you do that? Because we offer unique benefits for official liquidity providers.
Here are the benefits you will get if you launch your token on ZooDex:
  • Listing in the default token list with your logo & position advantage based on the verification level. No more need to tell your investors to enter the contract address manually to buy your token -> much easier to buy!
  • Your token can be used in limit orders by default — no additional actions needed
  • Listing on the ZooWallet portfolio tracking dashboard
  • Run an official NFT collection on ZooPet to incentivize loyality of investors and traders for FREE
  • Your token will be listed on ZooCharts. Watch the price movement right in the ZooDex UI
  • ZooTrade listing - your buyers will be able to buy your token using the most profitable route!
  • Utilize our speedboosted UI — everything is performed almost instantly.
  • 0.20% of transactions fees will be automatically applied to make your liquidity pool stronger over time
These features are unlocked progressively based on the verification program. We are looking forward to partner with everyone who launches on our platform and that's why we created such thing so you can progress with us just as your token progresses on market.
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