About ZooTrade
ZooTrade is an exchange aggregator for Fantom Network. Its algorithm picks the most efficient swapping route across different DEXes to get better rates compared to using a single DEX.

How does it work?

Example of a ZooTrade route
Let's say a user wants to exchange some amount of token A for a larger amount of token B that DEXes can offer. ZooTrade helps with finding the best possible trade execution which will result in highest possible token B output.
The algorithm of ZooTrade may split the initial amount of token A into several chunks that get exchanged for various tokens which finally get exchanged for the highest possible token B amount. The exact route the algorithm suggests is shown to the user, who can then confirm the operation.
ZooTrade also compares its output with the possible outputs of other DEXes, showing the percentage difference in tokens the user gets.
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